The dividing systems have evolved in the last few years to change the relationship between interior design and home space.

They are designed with much more attention to the simplest aesthetics and mechanisms, and integrate much better thanks to thin guides, just like the proposals signed ALBED, a brand of the Italian company Delmonte, that for over 50 years offers innovative solutions for interior design.

ALBED offers multiple dividing systems, designed to handle both domestic and pubblic spaces with great design and elegance, including: All Ways, Dot and Quadra.

All the models are made with raw materials of the highest quality and with great craftsmanship.

All Ways by Albed
The All Ways model is ideal for dividing and optimize the different interior spaces. With the assembly of a single aluminium profile, which can be positioned horizontally and vertically, the home space could be divided in living and sleeping areas and the working area to a operating areas, meeting rooms or offices. Versatile and with a thousand facets where the combination of aluminium and glass makes it possible to create bright and elegant spaces. All Ways is a full customize solution that can be modular and composed according to the spaces, alternating the fixed panels with sliding doors or a full-height door leaf.

Dot by Albed
Linearity in its purest, almost ethereal form, where the strength of the structure is hidden by an image of total lightness given by glass. The Dot sliding doors system is designed to divide spaces and create environments with elegant simplicity. The structural elements are discrete graphic signs that leave ample space for the real protagonist: the light. Dot is available in numerous finishes and in various types of glass, both coloured and silk-screened.

Quadra by Albed
Geometries and rigorous shapes for Quadra: a solution where the technical aesthetics of the profiles becomes the protagonist of the design sign. In your home or office, Quadra becomes architecture that you can customize according to your taste. The Quadra wall is designed to subdivide spaces creating environments thanks to the combination of glass elements or lacquered with co-planar corners and sliding or hinged openings. Several finishes are available in the catalogue that allow the maximum versatility of the product: from wood, proposed in different essences and RAL lacquers, to coloured and decorated glass.

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