CoeLux is a surreal window on the real world.


CoeLux Srl is a hightech Company established in 2009, headquartered in ComoNExT Technology Park nearby the renowned Como Lake. Coelux mission is to foster an innovative solution for lighting, architecture and real-estate industries aiming at creating the perception of an extraordinarily wide space, by means of a genuine physical reproduction of optical atmospheric phenomena indoors.

CoeLux lighting systems reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sun perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear deep blue sky. Objects shine in the exceptional light casting sharp sky-blue shadows, “CoeLux® lighting systems – says Prof. Paolo Di Trapani, the company founder and CEO – reproduce a virtual experience of the sun and sky; especially in a below-ground environment, the effect is so powerful that it may radically change our perception of reality. It allows us to rediscover natural light in the real world in a totally new and surprising way”.

The result is achieved thanks to the comprehensive work carried on by an interdisciplinary team of researchers in the field of optical physics, numerical modelling, chemistry, material science, architecture and design.

Experience the bliss and the joy of sunny skies anywhere and at any time. CoeLux is a scientific breakthrough, allowing you for the first time to reproduce in an interior space the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light, specifically the diffusion and transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere.

CoeLux technology recreates the sun and sky allowing you to truly experience the outdoors while indoors. CoeLux combines three key elements: the latest LED technology which reproduces the sunlight’s spectrum; a sophisticated optical system that creates the sensation of the distance between the sky and the sun; and nanostructured materials, only a few millimeters thick, which recreate the entire Rayleigh scattering process which occurs in the atmosphere. CoeLux is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky.

Like trying to describe the scent of a perfume, or the colors of a tropical sun, words are insufficient to convey CoeLux’s uplifting effects. One can say that it produces feelings of lightness and well-being, but until you’ve basked beneath its sunny blue sky, until you’ve seen for yourself how it transforms a space, the way it illuminates and enhances everything in its path, you’ll never understand how CoeLux is changing the world of contemporary lighting design. The effect of warm, artificial, direct sunlight illuminates and enhances objects, completely transforming domestic and public spaces, giving them volume and shape through light and shadow, and creating a new relationship between people and the architectural space which surrounds them.


“One day, while admiring Magritte’s painting “Empire des Lumieres”, I had an amazing artistic realization when I understood the fantastic paradox the painting depicts: a house, dimly lit by a street lamp in the dark of night, and behind it, a bright daytime blue sky, streaked with white clouds. Two very realistic, seemingly trivial scenes, which together make a masterpiece. The same evening, hours after sunset, I looked out the window of my room, and I saw a house dimly lit by a street lamp with a dark, moonless sky above it. Suddenly I realized that the sky is not black as I previously thought. Widening my eyes I could see a few glimpses of clouds capturing the very last rays of the setting sun, and shining my way faint flashes of gray, blue, pink, orange, even green. This dance of wonderful colors in the darkness has been repeating itself for millions of years, and I would have never seen it without the work of Magritte. So I learned that art, even if surrealistic, is a ‘window on the real world’: an opening, through which we can look and discover, amazed like children, the reality that exists. For me, CoeLux is a surreal window on the real world.

CoeLux founder and CEO, Prof. Paolo Di Trapani

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