Why use breathable paint for contemporary and new build construction?

Breathable paints are often seen as something that are only suitable for older building, this is not the case. Breathability is also an important factor within modern buildings. By using a breathable paint internally, you can help regulate the internal environment and air quality absorbing moisture and release it again, meaning when humidity is high the paint can take moisture from the air and release it back when the humidity drops, which helps maintain a healthy environment and acts like a natural dehumidifier.

Paints are everywhere, both internally and externally. Most modern paints are comprised of pigments, binders and solvents, however the majority of these components are derived from petrochemicals with a negative impact on both our health and environment.

Oikos and I believe in sustainability, is always an opportunity for change, so we want to continue fostering the growth of this value, together with quality, artisan know-how and responsible and tailor-made culture.

Architects have to believe that environment friendliness is a priority with respect to people and the planet, because I work every day to propose solutions based on the concept of recycling and recovery of materials, with a strong aesthetic impact, with long-lasting and durable technological components.

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