Industrial look in Interior Design using Concrete

The industrial look in interior design has been around for a while now and whilst we aren’t all lucky enough to live in an old converted warehouse that is brimming with authentic industrial elements, there are ways to give our homes a distinctly urban feel.

The big architects of the early 20th century, from Le Corbusier to Kahn, Scarpa, to Tadao Ando, repeated that excitement through their innovative designs, creating an architectural poetry.

One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use industrial materials. Concrete is an obvious choice and in recent months we have witnessed a huge rise in the use of concrete in interior design. Many designers are now using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it would seem that there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material.

CIMENTO is a full customizable patented system, proposed in 6 different varieties of molded concrete: Smooth, Vibrated, Planking, Cracked, Ando and Wave.

CIMENTO is a concrete mixture (made up of the 90% of its total weight of concrete, water, and natural elements such as oxides, calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium, phosphates) cast-in-place on light-weight supports as a MDF, HPL and PANPVC.

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