3 good reasons to use Gypsum Panels in our living spaces

Gypsum Panels are an excellent material for interior wall decoration wherever fire-resistance is required. The gypsum panel is approved to help design structures engineered for improved fire protection, reduced flame spread and less smoke generation compared to traditional drywall.

Gypsum Panels are designed to provide better protection against the threat of moisture damage than standard drywall, but it can be installed and finished just as easily. The same handling, cutting, fastening and finishing techniques that apply to standard ceramic products apply to molded Gypsum Panels as well. Their cost efficiency and versatility throughout the construction process can help keep you on schedule and on budget on both new construction and remodeling jobs.

Managing noise transmission between adjacent spaces in a structure and between interior and exterior is a vital design consideration. As a component part of many different wall and floor/ceiling assemblies, gypsum panel products can contribute significantly to a solution.

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